Entry coil handling section

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Entry coil handling section

The entry coil handling section for NeoKoil® strip processing lines designed by Fives is engineered to handle the coil very carefully, ensuring minimal waste and optimal product quality. The entry coil handling section includes:

  • Entry coil skid and car
  • Pay off reel 
  • Threading pinch roll and flattener 
  • Shearing section (entry shear and scrap evacuation system)
  • Coil joining section (welder and notcher)

Entry coil skid and car

Fives has designed a range of fully automated cars that can meet any coil transport requirements. The cars are specially designed to transport coils in the line entry section and  exit sections. They are particularly well-suited to production plants with space constraints and can move on rails either at ground level or under the floor. Fives cars automatically measure the coil’s dimensions and weight. To save time, the coil transport car is designed for quick unstrapping of the coil while still on the car.

Pay off reel

Pay off reel

Placed at the line entry, the pay off reel unwinds the coil. At the heart of the pay-off reels are the mandrels on which the coil is loaded all along the uncoiling process. Fives has developed mandrels for coil handling. Expanding mandrels hold coils firmly in place during coiling and uncoiling, while ‘reverse pyramid’ shaft mandrels expand when pulled, thus reducing the risk of breaking and bending. Maintenance is simplified because the entire mandrel can be dismounted without taking apart the expanding cylinder, the hydraulic cylinder can be dismantled without dismounting the mandrel, and pyramids are automatically greased to reduce mandrel wear. 

In order to increase the processing capacity of the pay-off area, Fives developed the double rotating pay-off reel, which saves high capacity users from having to buy two lots of equipment in order to speed up production. The double rotating pay-off reel is able to prepare the next coil while the first coil is processing. To put the new coil online, the pay-off reel is simply rotated 180˚.

DMS flattener

Threading pinch roll and flattener

After the coil is unwound, the threading pinch roll captures the strip and moves it through via the flattener.

The flattener was designed by Fives with two ranges of work rolls diameter so that it can process thicknesses from 0.3 to 14mm and yield limits of 400 – 1800 MPa.


Entry shear

After the flattener, shear’s blade clearance adjustment is calculated and implemented automatically according to the strip specifications.

Clean and accurate cutting is ensured with the entry shear, which has a lateral hydraulic cylinder system to cut any kind of metal strip quickly and effortlessly. The entry shear is able to cut from thinnest (0.1mm) to thicker (16mm) gauges. Simple blade replacement ensures minimum downtime. 

Scrap evacuation system

Scrap evacuation system

NeoKoil® strip processing lines designed by Fives can be equipped with a choice of flexible scrap evacuation systems, including:

  • Conveyors
  • Sorting ramps
  • Leader strip handling 



The notcher is designed to perform clean and accurate edge weld cutting for any kind of metal strip, on a wide range of strip thicknesses and steel strengths. The notching process allows the strip weld to pass safely through the different machines along the line.

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