Exit coil handling section

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Exit coil handling section

After all the efforts undertaken throughout the process, it is imperative that the exit coil handling section runs smoothly to minimize waste and achieve the desired throughput.

At the exit, the strip is inspected, cut and rewound into coils, possibly in baby coils when required. The design of the inspection area is also very important as it is the ultimate location where end products can be checked and process feedback can be received and analysed.

Fives’ solutions for the exit coil handling section ensure minimal scrap and maximum throughput.

Automatic surface inspection

A surface inspection system (SIS) analyzes the strip for defects. The SIS supplier installs and sets up the system to detect and classify all defects with a clear picture. Fives provides surface inspection system tuning to ensure that the system is programmed to automatically classify defect pictures with the right name and right intensity. This way steelmakers are aware of all the defects on the strip and can take the necessary measures.

Sampling and scrap management

Sample picking as well as scrapping of possible improper strip length at the head or tail of the coils can be done without impacting the upstream process. Flexible arrangement of the sampling area can be proposed, fully adapted to the specific needs.

Final coil processing

Final coil processing includes:

  • Oiler
  • Exit shear
  • Threading conveyor
  • Tension reel
  • Exit transfer skid
  • Exit walking beam system

Oiling can be done for carbon steel strips to prepare the coil for further stamping process.

The exit shear enables precise cut and fully automated cutting sequence to achieve increased line availability. Various technologies are available depending on requirements for exit coil weight (crop shear, rotary shear or flying shear).

The threading conveyor allows smooth and accurate approach of the strip head on the mandrel. Depending on strip thickness, a gripper bar or belt wrapper can be applied.

Tension reels ensure precise winding of the final coil. The exit section can be designed with a single tension reel or double tension reel, resulting in reduced exit coil weight. These systems operate with very high strip tensions and are equipped with an outboard bearing that includes a slide and locking block to ensure the mandrel’s geometry under load. The mandrel on the coilers can be retracted during operation and can use an optional double step expansion system. They can be equipped with a fully automatic centralized greasing system.

The exit transfer skid processes coils that are stored on exit skids, where each coil can be properly weighed and automatically strapped.

The exit walking beam system transfers step by step “ready to deliver” coils from one walking beam skid to another one untill the final delivery stand.

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