Pickling systems for CAPL

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Pickling system for CAPL

The complex composition of the oxide layer on stainless steel necessitates a specialized solution. Fives’ solutions for strip pickling systems for cold annealing and pickling lines (CAPL) use a pre-pickling stage to fracture the oxide layer in order to produce the high quality surface finish that end users expect. These lines are designed to be highly efficient and low cost, incorporating features such as:

  • Rapid draining
  • High turbulence throughout
  • Minimum sludge buildup
  • High heat transfer
Turbulent pickling tanks

Fives’ turbulent pickling bath system

Fives’ turbulent pickling bath system strategically places rolls and supports to control the strip and minimize the detrimental effects of a strip that does not have optimal shape. The combination of the push-pull tank design and strategically placed bumpers provides a system that is robust and resistant to damage from contact with the strip

Fives’ tank designs provide for the necessary growth without the need of flexible plastic expansion joints. Meanwhile, the acid dosing systems that are incorporated into Fives’ designs help to optimize the usage of acid and minimize the buildup of sludge.  The combined effect minimizes maintenance and operator intervention and provides for a lighter load on the waste water treatment.  

SCALE-X™: targeted oxide removal for stainless steel

Fives’ proprietary solution Scale-X™ for oxide removal utilizes an aqueous salt solution to replace electrolytic sodium sulfate (ESS) in pickling. Scale-X™ is compatible with existing downstream pickling processes and allows enhanced flexibility for optimized process performance on the fly, coil by coil, alloy by alloy.

Conditioning salt to replace electrolytic sodium sulfate pickling

Scale-X™ advantages over ESS include:

  • Effective on all stainless alloy scales and superalloys
  • 20% reduction in electrical power
  • 50% reduction in steam power
  • Reduced line length (16%)
  • No ESS rectifiers
  • No demi water required
  • No ESS fume treatment
  • No filter cake
  • No ESS electrodes
  • Circulation tank capacity <15% of ESS requirement
  • No concentration control required

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