Stein Digiflex, annealing & galvanizing furnace

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Stein Digiflex, annealing & galvanizing furnace

The Stein Digiflex® furnace is at the heart of steel strip processing lines. It is designed with Fives’ proprietary technologies for the best product quality and yield with minimum OPEX and environmental impact. 

Utmost operational excellence environmental performance

Ideal for complex thermal cycles and demanding applications such as automotive steel grades, the Stein Digiflex® is part of Fives’ Engineered Sustainability® brand, which reassures customers of the equipment’s operational excellence and utmost environmental performance.

Strip inside Stein Digiflex, annealing & galvanizing furnace

Stein Digiflex, innovative technologies:

What makes the Stein Digiflex® unique is the combination of innovative technologies:

  • Compact and efficient jet preheat furnace (JPF)
  • Reactive direct fired furnace (DFF)
  • Low inertia radiant tube heating furnace (RTF) 
  • AdvanTek® combustion system, which guarantee up to 20% less fuel consumption and minimum NOx emissions
  • Unique FlashCooling® system for ultra rapid cooling solutions 
  • Virtuo® thermal solution for increased yield & quality, and reduced OPEX
  • Compact Aeris®, after-pot cooling solution after a galvanizing section

These unique technologies enable the steel making process to generate more profit per year vs conventional technologies. 

AdvanTek® burners for annealing & galvanizing furnaces

AdvanTek® WRT 2.0/3.0 self-recuperative burners can be integrated into existing radiant tube furnaces or implemented in new radiant tube furnaces in annealing and galvanizing lines and are available for a power range of 50 – 200 kW. The AdvanTek® WRT achieves high temperature uniformity along the W-tube, with high energy efficiency and improved environmental performance for 7 and 8-inch radiant tubes.

Technical highlights include:

  • Fuel: natural gas, coke oven gas, mixed gas or any site generated gases and can be customized to the customer’s available utility conditions
  • They are able to achieve up to 80% burner efficiency and reduce NOx emissions to less than 50 ppm.
  • Full compliance with the latest European standards and particularly EN 746-2

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