Electrical steel

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Electrical steels must satisfy ever greater requirements in terms of magnetic permeability, insulating properties and compactness.

To help the steel industry rise to these challenges, Fives has developed a range of processes, equipment and services guaranteeing complete control over crystallographic texture for grain or non-grain oriented steel, so you can produce steel with excellent magnetic and mechanical properties.

  • mechanical properties to meet stringent requirements in terms of the planeness of brittle products, hot planishing, enameling, flexibility for rolling and magnesium deposits.
  • thermal properties meet stringent requirements in terms of thermal cycles with very high temperatures, flexibility of operation for annealing and cooling and managing atmospheres with different levels of hydrogen and dew points (dry or humid).

As a supplier of complete solutions for the entire cold rolling process, Fives makes lines that are capable of producing new shades of steel, with optimal weight and compactness ratios, while improving magnetostriction properties.