CELES EcoTransFlux™: high-flux induction for advanced steel

CELES EcoTransFlux™, Fives’ induction technology

The clear industry focus is cost savings, energy consumption and pollutant reduction with high expectations on quality, reliability and safety. Fives’ breakthrough induction heating technology, CELES EcoTransFlux™, was designed in cooperation with the EU’s Life+ Program to meet the challenging demands of steel processing quality and production needs.

CELES EcoTransFlux™ is high power Transverse Flux Induction Heating (TFIH) technology that allows optimization of steel grade metallurgical properties and reduced greenhouse gas emissions and acid wastes. It primarily functions as a booster or annealing device on carbon steel annealing and galvanizing lines (CAL / CGL / CAGL, etc.), stainless steel processing lines (CAPL /BAL / I-BAL, etc.), and silicon steel lines (DCL / APL / SACL, etc.).

CELES EcoTransFlux™ heats magnetic and nonmagnetic steel strips at extremely high speeds and temperatures with superior efficiency. As it heats metal strips in a non-oxidizing atmosphere, it results in a significant reduction in NOx and CO emissions.

CELES EcoTransFlux™, induction heating for metal strips

Further features include:

  • Metal heating above the Curie point with over 3 MW of injected power in the steel strip.
  • A quick-response system with direct transfer of energy (on/off concept) and low thermal inertia
  • Patented conductors allowing thermal efficiency above 75% regardless of strip format
  • Patented design providing homogeneous temperature of +/-10˚C or better
  • A versatile, compact and economical solution

In order to meet annealing process criteria for new automotive steel grades, CELES EcoTransFlux™ is designed for rapid heating cycles:

  • Higher heating density with 2MW/m2 of steel strip
  • Higher treatment temperature above 900°C
  • Higher temperature increase up to 400°C/s

Direct benefits for a final product include improved mechanical resistance (+5-10%) and elongation capability preservation.

Recently, CELES EcoTransFlux™ systems, dedicated to production of advanced and ultra high-strength steels (AHSS/UHSS) have been supplied to major steel producers in Asia and North America, respectively.