CGL production capacity increase with Fives technologies

DMS OptiLine™ for CGL №2 at Steel Dynamics

Steel Dynamics, one of the largest domestic steel producers and metals recyclers in the United States, has contracted Fives to upgrade the continuous galvanizing line №2 (CGL №2) at the Flat Roll Group Columbus Division located in Mississippi, USA.

The project aims to increase production capacity of CGL №2 by increasing the maximum strip speed. The basis for the capacity increase was developed utilizing Fives’ specialty software, DMS OptiLine™ which simulates the complete operation of a strip processing line.

DMS OptiLine™ calculates the requested characteristics of each motor of the line to guarantee the required line tension during operation at the targeted increased speed, as well as during line acceleration and deceleration. 

The line speed increase requires mechanical and cleaning equipment upgrades in order to achieve quality product output. A new entry section configuration was employed including new bridle rolls, deflector rolls and a burr masher. The cleaning section is to be upgraded with a high pressure hot water system, additional spray degreasing capacity and a new rinsing brush machine.

Moreover, Fives will supply a new DMS rotary shear at the exit section of the line to achieve fast cutting of the strip for improved exit time cycle. The DMS rotary shear is a plug-and-play system. It cuts the strip while moving, and is synchronized with the line speed, thus guaranteeing higher production with optimum strip end quality. 

The equipment is foreseen to be designed and supplied within 12 months in order to launch a revamped line by November 2019.