First coil at Baotou Steel’s annealing line

First coil at Baotou's annealing line from Fives

Fives and Baotou Iron and Steel Group, the largest steel producer in northwest China’s Inner Mongolia region, successfully processed the first coil on the continuous annealing line (CAL) № 1 in August 2016.

During the last 3 years, Baotou Iron and Steel Group entrusted Fives with several contracts for the design and supply of furnaces for two continuous annealing lines and two complete automotive hot-dip galvanizing lines, as well as a long-term technical support agreement

Fives’ teams designed, supplied and commissioned vertical furnaces for these complete continuous annealing lines, dedicated to the production of a wide range of high value-added automotive steels, including advanced high strength steels (AHSS). The first cold rolled annealed coil was produced on August 8, 2016 at the CAL № 1 with an annual capacity of 925,000 tons.  The first coil at the CAL № 2, with an annual capacity of 630,000 tons, was produced in December 2015.

Each continuous annealing line includes Fives’ proprietary technologies: Stein Digiflex® vertical annealing furnace with the latest generation of AdvanTek® WRT 2.0 combustion system and a cooling solution FlashCooling®.