First zinc and aluminum coil coating line equipped with Fives’ technology

Stein curing ovens for a color coating line

Asturiana de Laminados S.A., one of the leading producers of zinc strips and sheets, entrusted Fives with a contract to supply curing ovens for their new color coating line for its plant in Asturias, Spain.

Asturiana de Laminados, operating under the brand elZinc, offers a wide range of zinc strip and sheets designated for classical and modern architecture applications. The new color coating line in Asturias is the first coil coating line to produce both zinc and aluminum color coil coated and the second to produce zinc coil coated worldwide. 

Curing ovens, used in painting and pretreatment sections in the color coating line, aim to cure strip paint at proper temperature with good homogeneity to ensure a perfect final strip coating quality. The zinc strip, a fragile and new product, requires a high-level design and production technology. The project includes design, construction and supply of two Stein curing ovens, fume treatment and energy recovery systems with a thermal oxidizer, and Stein dry blow equipment for the chemical pretreatment section. 

The project will be implemented by a Fives’ subsidiary in Spain, specializing in a wide range of equipment for steel coated products, such as minispangles, curing and drying ovens, cooling systems for galvanizing lines and coil coating lines, and related expertise, technical consulting, metallurgical assistance, auditing and customer support.