Fives’ case study: Automotive steel production lessons to learn

Fives presented the case study on automotive steel production requirements at the 1st Automotive Steel Summit organized by the Steel Group on July 22, 2016 in Delhi, India.

The summit aimed to discuss market trends for automotive steel grades and study an opportunity to produce automotive steel sheets in India in order to substitute import. The summit gathered approximately 190 attendees, such as carmakers, steel producers, equipment suppliers and governmental institutions.

Fives at Automotive Summit in India

Fives made the case study “The long road to reach automotive quality standards – lessons to learn”, based upon its profound process expertise and technical consulting knowledge. 

The automotive steel production is becoming a promising market in India due to its growing automotive industry. Carmakers will always focus on weight reduction, material strength and safety regulations.

Coil from NeoKoil® strip processing lines from Fives

According to the Fives’ market study, AHSS and HDG product consumption will increase substantially; therefore, an automotive steelmaker has to be able to produce a wide range of grades from mild steel to DP grades with the same strip processing line. The key to success is to design a flexible strip processing line able to produce a full range of required steel grades. Efficient quality management and certification processes by carmakers are also at stake. 

Fives’ case study evoked a real interest from the audience. The presentation was described as very interesting by the organizers during the closing ceremony. Fives is specialized in designing strip processing lines and its key equipment to produce automotive steel, having installed more than 40 new processing lines and vertical furnaces over the last 10 years.