Fives’ furnace upgrade at Tata Steel, India

Stein reheating furnace

Tata Steel, the flagship company of the Tata group, entrusted Fives to upgrade the level 1 control system at the existing gas fired pusher type reheating furnace installed at the merchant mill of their Jamshedpur Works, India.

The furnace, with 72 tons per hour capacity, was originally commissioned in 1958; it had a single loop controller and instruments for furnace heating control. The complete changeover of the heating control system will include Fives’ advanced proprietary technologies and know-how.

Fives is to design and supervise the erection and commissioning of a PLC based furnace control system, including logic and HMI development for heating system. The new system will include associated process loops such as: 

  • Double-cross control for the zone combustion
  • Automatic adjustment and control of the furnace pressure
  • Automatic adjustment and control of the combustion air pressure
  • Complete safety system such as auto isolation, auto purging alarm & annunciations
  • Safety control by means of pressure switches mounted in the main utility systems and hooked with hardwired panel for additional safety
  • Upgrade of electrically actuated control valves to pneumatic actuated control valves

Fives has been active in a growing market such as India for many years. In 2015, the group signed contracts to design and supply four new reheating furnaces: two for the Rourkela Steel Plant, and two for another Indian steel plant on the western coast.