Fives’ furnaces for the world's most powerful hot-strip mill at ATI Flat Rolled Products

ATI Flat Rolled Products, a subsidiary of Allegheny Technologies Incorporated (ATI), one of the most diversified specialty materials and components producers in the world and Fives, an international engineering group, commissioned new reheating furnaces for the world's most powerful hot-strip mill.

Fives designed and supplied two reheating furnaces Stein Digit@l Furnace® AT 2.0 with production capacity of 300 metric tons per hour each for ATI Flat Rolled Products’ new hot rolling mill designed to roll highly diversified and sophisticated steels and alloys. The new mill supplied by Siemens is a part of a new advanced specialty metals hot-rolling and processing facility built in Brackenridge, Pennsylvania, USA. The facility is designed to produce a product mix for ATI Flat Rolled Products that includes stainless alloys, grain-oriented electrical steel, titanium and titanium alloys, nickel-based alloys, zirconium alloys and other specialty alloys that can be used in the aerospace and defense, oil and gas/chemical process industries, electrical energy, medical, automotive, food equipment and appliance, machine and cutting tools, construction and mining markets.

Two Stein Digit@l Furnace® commissioned at ATI Flat Rolled Products’ facility are remarkable for the wide range of products they can heat: stainless steels, non-stainless steels, grain-oriented electrical steels, “High Temperature Alloys” (HTA), cobalt based products, alloys of chrome and titanium based products, as well as for their eco-performance: NOx level is less than 50 ppm.