Fives participated at Galvanizers Association Meeting

Fives presentation at Galvanizers Association Meeting

The 107th meeting of the Galvanizers Association was held on October 18-21, 2015 in Toledo, Ohio (USA) and included more than 200 industry representatives from North America, Canada, Europe, Asia and South America.

Galvanizers Association is a reputed worldwide organization, which was founded in 1936 in the US. Galvanizing has always been considered an "art" in the steel industry. Such annual meetings of Galvanizers Association provide a forum of interest to executive, technical and operational personnel who share an interest in the advancement of galvanized products when properly produced with the technologies available to the industry. 

During the forum Fives made a presentation titled “EyeronTM, a new comprehensive solution for quality” by Ivan Longombe, metallurgical consultant. EyeronTM is a web application that regroups all data from different process lines and offers a clear visualization, fast analysis and treatments on all the data, as well as smart qualification (dispositioning) through customized rules.