Fives receives certificate of excellence in infrastructure awards for reheating furnaces

Fives Stein India Projects, a Fives’ subsidiary in India, received a certificate of excellence for outstanding achievement as a nominee in the year 2019 in Infrastructure Awards for slab reheating furnaces. The Year in Infrastructure Awards is a global competition, organized by Bentley Systems, a software development company, that recognizes advancements in infrastructure.

Fives received Bentley's certificate of excellence

The nomination relates to design of the piping network system for two Stein Digit@l Furnace® installed by Fives for JSW Dolvi Works’ new hot strip mill in Raigad, state of Maharashtra, on the west coast of India. The furnaces have the highest slab reheating furnace capacity installed in India to date: 450 tons per hour. 

The piping network system project required to integrate equipment and structural models in different design formats, create catalogues to meet company’s standards, as well as develop, check and realign piping models to optimize a layout.

The mechanical engineering team of Fives Stein India Projects established an open, connected data environment to integrate models in different design formats by using an OpenPlant Modeler, provided by Bentley Systems. The connected data environment enabled real-time visualization to streamline workflows, resolved potential design issues, and facilitated planning and execution.

The comprehensive modelling solution enabled the team to design 700 pipelines and produce 800 deliverables, including isometric and general arrangement drawings and reports, therefore optimize a piping layout and on-site works.