Fives shines with its electrolytic degreasing section for a new line at Guangxi Steel

Guangxi Iron & Steel Group Co., part of WISCO group, and Fives have successfully processed the first hot coil on a new continuous annealing line (CAL) on March 15, 2016 for the new 10 million ton plant in Fangchenggang, located in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region of China. Fives designed and supplied the complete continuous annealing line, dedicated to the production of high value-added automotive steels.

WISCO degreasing section-FIVES

One of the Fives’ advanced technologies implemented at the line includes an electrolytic degreasing section. The degreasing section, which treats a strip at the speed of up to 650 meters per minute prior to entering the furnace, is designed and supplied by the Fives’ subsidiary in USA, Fives ST Corp. It is equipped with a new separator technology; the first of its kind in a strip processing line. 

The degreasing section consists of several process steps that utilize a combination of chemical, mechanical and electrolytic degreasing processes to ensure the high degree of strip cleanliness necessary for this demanding application. Furthermore, the design utilizes several vertical sections to minimize the overall line length, which helps to reduce the overall cost of the investment. 

Fives ST Corp. employed new technologies to conserve energy and reduce maintenance downtime, such as rectifier modulation to reduce rectifier power when not needed. Additionally, Fives supplied an indexing bar type magnetic separator over the standard chain type. The indexing bar separator also provides superior bar cleaning over conventional systems.