Fives Stein Shanghai certified as a Hi-Tech Enterprise

Fives Stein Shanghai

On January 29, 2015 Fives Stein Shanghai, China was certified as a ‘Hi-Tech Enterprise’.

Such certificates are awarded by Chinese government to companies that have been doing business in Mainland China for more than one year and are investing to develop sustainable technologies. The government backs recipients of the Hi-Tech Enterprise label as high-potential growth companies, giving them tax breaks and governmental subsidies for research and development.

By qualifying for this label, Fives Stein Shanghai is validating its capacity for innovation and consolidating its role as a key player on the Chinese market. The company is looking to accelerate development of new technologies to boost operational performance and gain a competitive edge in China and around the globe. To this end, Fives Stein Shanghai continues to invest in research and development. In particular, it introduced a continuous improvement program for its engineers that encourages teams to be more creative and file more patents.