Fives was selected for five new high-end automotive steel projects

Fives, an international engineering group which designs and supplies process technologies to various industries, has been awarded five new processing line contracts for the automotive steel market, making it in this field a dominant equipment provider to steelmakers.

High value-added automotive steels

Three continuous galvanizing lines (CGL), one continuous annealing line (CAL), and one vertical furnace for another CGL were awarded to Fives in 2014, all dedicated to the production of a wide range of high value-added automotive steels, including advanced high strength steels (AHSS). Two CGL with an annual capacity of 840,000 tons in total will be built by Fives for Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Union Co., a north-western China-based iron and steel manufacturing company, with the contracts being awarded in July 2014. Two other CGL with an annual capacity of 870,000 tons in total will be installed for Guangxi Iron & Steel  Group Co., part of WISCO group, for its new 10 mln tons integrated plant in Fangchenggang, located in the fast-growing southern coastal region of China, with the contracts being signed in September 2014.

Earlier in 2014, another important contract was signed by Fives for the supply of a full new continuous annealing line with an annual capacity of 930,000 tons, also to be installed in the Fangchenggang plant of Guangxi Iron & Steel, WISCO Group. The contract for the CAL, as well a cooperation agreement between Fives and WISCO to set up a production joint venture in Wuhan, China, were part of the contracts signed at the Elysée Palace during the official visit to France of the Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Process expertise

Strip processing lines from Fives

Fives has been for long an expert in supplying continuous processing lines to major steelmakers worldwide. The above latest five contracts include Fives advanced technologies and process know-how, such as Stein Digiflex® vertical annealing furnaces, DMS Skin-pass 4Hi or 6Hi, pre-oxidation and Flash Cooling® technologies allowing for the production of AHSS with lean compositions including the highest grades of DP and TRIP steels, based on KEODS process expertise. In addition, the latest generation of AdvanTek® WRT 2.0 combustion systems reduce fuel consumption and NOx emissions, while operating with different available fuels on-site (natural gas, coke oven gas or mixed gas), especially in dual fuel mode with an automatic switchover from one gas to another. 

Fives technology’s offer is complemented by an unrivalled automotive process, and by production know-how expertise from downstream to upstream operations, making Fives’ offer unique in the high-end automotive line market. Fives know-how is today the market reference in high level technical assistance in metallurgy, production ramp-up, operation training, grades development, surface quality control and the inspection of coils produced for the automotive market, as well as assistance in obtaining the approval by carmakers.