Galvanized NeoKoil

Fives' continuous galvanizing line at Baotou Iron and Steel

China’s Baotou Iron and Steel Group, also known as Baogang Group, and Fives are commissioning two continuous galvanizing lines to produce a wide range of high value-added automotive steels.

Baotou Iron and Steel Group (BISG) is the largest steel producer in the northwest China’s Inner Mongolia region. The group has 10 million tons of iron and steel capacity per year to produce cold and hot rolling strips, heavy plates, seamless pipes, heavy rails, large scale shaped beams, bars and wire rods. 

Fives, being a strategic partner of BISG, has designed and supplied two complete continuous galvanizing lines (CGL) and furnaces for two continuous annealing lines (CAL), as well as providing long-term technical support.

Galvanizing lines

Currently, Fives and BISG supervisors are commissioning two continuous galvanizing lines – NeoKoil®, each of 417,000 tons annual capacity. NeoKoil® is a new brand registered by Fives for it strip processing lines for carbon, stainless and silicon steel.

Both lines are able to produce a wide range of exposed and non-exposed steel coils: CQ, DQ, DDQ, EDDQ, SEDDQ, CQ590, DDQ340, DP590 and DP780. In the frame of the technical support agreement, signed for 10 years, Fives will provide BISG with high-level technical and process expertise, production management software, extensive training, as well as development and certification of automotive steel sheets, including the latest advanced high-strength steels.

“The real challenge was to produce the first coil in a rather short period of time requested by the customer, and Baotou Group acknowledged our technical excellence”, says Franck Lecuyer, Fives site manager for CGLs.

Fives’ proprietary technologies and equipment for both CGLs include complete terminal equipment, degreasing sections, vertical furnaces, combustion and cooling systems, post treatment, skin-pass mills, tension levelers, side trimmers and process management software. Key process equipment features significant advantages that improve performance, operation and maintenance.

“Fives has a leading position for strip treatment lines, many advanced technologies and methodology concept. Fives has been a strategic partner of Baotou Iron and Steel Group for many years, and it lays a great foundation for us to enter a high-end automotive steel market”, says Wang Jian Gang, BISG Plant Manager.

Annealing furnaces

Fives vertical furnaces Stein Digiflex® for continuous annealing lines have already been in operation at BISG for more than a year. The first annealed coil at the CAL N°2, with an annual capacity of 630,000 tons, was produced in December 2015. The first coil at the CAL N°1 with an annual capacity of 925,000 tons, was produced in August 2016. Each vertical annealing furnace is equipped with the high efficiency AdvanTek® combustion system and the top performing FlashCooling® technology.