NeoKoil®: affordable CAPEX, ultimate OPEX

Fives and Baotou Iron and Steel Group (BISG) are commissioning two complete continuous galvanizing lines NeoKoil® to produce a wide range of high value-added automotive steel.

Both NeoKoil® lines, each of 417,000 tons annual capacity, are able to produce a wide range of exposed and non-exposed steel coils. Fives’ proprietary technologies and equipment for both lines include complete terminal equipment, degreasing sections, vertical furnaces, combustion and cooling systems, post treatment, skin-pass mills, tension levelers, side trimmers and process management software. Key process equipment features significant advantages that improve performance, operation and maintenance.

Fives Baotou degreasing section-FIVES

Degreasing section innovative design

  • Efficient combination of spraying and dipping of the strip to enhance heat transfer and cleaning effect.
  • A more effective and reliable system for separation of the metal fines from the process media.
  • Balancing of the water requirements of the rinsing and degreasing sections to minimize the amount of water and degreasing chemical. 
  • High turbulent circulation to prevent solids from building up in the line tanks.
  • Unique design of the spray bars and tanks to allow rapid and safe maintenance of the spray bars while the line is running.
  • The system utilizes waste heat from the furnace to provide all the heat energy necessary to operate the line in production.
Fives Baotou furnace-FIVES

Furnace environmental performance

Fives' vertical furnaces Stein Digiflex® for continuous galvanizing lines are equipped with AdvanTek® combustion system and FlashCooling® technology. They are designed to achieve targeted mechanical properties to produce a wide range of high-strength steel grades, with reduced operational costs and emissions. The Stein Digiflex® furnace was awarded the Fives’ Engineered Sustainability® brand for its eco-design features:

  • 50% less NOx emissions compared to conventional technologies
  • Up to 20% less fuel consumption due to AdvanTek® combustion system
  • Up to 5% fuel saving and yield increase due to Virtuo® Level 2 thermal solution

Fives’ new rapid cooling technology - FlashCooling® enables a very high cooling rate, as well as flexibility in operation in terms of cooling rate control, temperature cycle control and uniformity of cooling.

Fives Baotou strip surface-FIVES

Enhanced strip surface

For high quality finishing, a skin-pass mill is essential to remove the yield-point elongation effect and greatly improve the strip-surface roughness and flatness. DMS SkinPass mill has an improved design to minimize operational costs while obtaining the best performance. DMS SkinPass mill features easy access to all sections of the machine for simple and effective operation and maintenance, as well as fast and effective roll change.

In addition, DMS StripLeveler improves the flatness of the strip, get the proper elongation and allows achievement of the required surface quality for high-end products.

Fives Baotou side trimmer-FIVES

Precision side trimmer

Fives’ precision trimming equipment - DMS SideTrim enables achievement of a high-quality strip within a desired width. It is equipped with a double rotating head system and is operator friendly.

DMS SideTrim features the following advantages: 

  • High production capacity and clean finish for top strip quality
  • Reliable mechanical design and increased blade life
  • Automatic vertical or horizontal adjustment system
  • Full safety blade changing sequence without stoppage of trimming
  • Improved design of scrap chutes
  • Scrap treatment by scrap press or scrap chopper and scrap baller