Partnering with clients to develop cold rolling workshops

Cold rolling workshops from Fives

Over the last 50 years, Fives has been a major partner to design cold rolling workshops, having supplied more than 100 cold rolling mills and processing lines worldwide.

In the flat stainless steel process, a clear distinction is made between a hot rolling section (the upstream process up to the first strip coil) and a cold rolling workshop. The cold rolling workshop covers thickness reduction, and annealing and pickling in order to achieve proper mechanical properties and the required surface quality. The typically treated grades include austenitic, ferritic and duplex. The final targeted surface quality covers 2D, 2B and BA (bright annealed mirror-like surface).





BA (mirror)


Fives’ scope of design and supply covers:

  • Annealing and pickling lines (hot and/or cold type – HAPL / CAPL)
  • Cold rolling mills (DMS 20Hi)
  • Bright annealing lines for specific BA quality products
  • In-line/off-line skin-pass mills (DMS SkinPass)


POSCO-Thainox: Fives have commissioned 5 annealing and pickling lines and 3 cold rolling mills over the last 20 years.

Ningbo Baoxin Stainless Steel: Fives supplied 5 lines, including bright annealing lines, and 4 cold rolling mills, allowing the steelmaker to become a leader in bright annealing products in China.

Outokumpu: contract for equipment supply for 2 CAPLs and revamping of all of the monobloc 20Hi mills in the Tornio plant (Finland). A complete project of three 20Hi mills for the Calvert plant (USA).

ArcelorMittal: more than 25 references over the last 30 years.

TISCO: Fives was the first to design and supply a hot annealing and pickling line with 14mm thickness and 2100mm width. A complete project comprising of the world’s largest bright annealing line and the world’s fastest dedicated 20Hi rolling mill. Additionally, the two largest integrated cold annealing and pickling lines.

Shanghai STAL: Fives is to engineer and deliver a unique 20Hi ultra precision rolling mill which is able to achieve 40 microns thickness over 1.2m width for high-tech applications.

Fives has developed a new technology: DMS 20Hi EcoMill which allows for enhancement of strip flatness, and reduction of capital and operational expenses.