Process equipment delivery for the unique coil coating line

Special truck delivery of the curing oven section

Fives has started to deliver process equipment for the unique coating line to produce zinc and aluminum painted coils at Asturiana de Laminados, Spain.

Asturiana de Laminados, operating under the brand elZinc®, contracted Fives last year to design and supply curing ovens for their new color coating line for its plant in Asturias, Spain. The line is composed of two Stein curing ovens, three-zone each, for the primer and finishing coats, as well as fume treatment and energy recovery systems with a recuperative thermal oxidizer to eliminate volatile organic components (VOC).

The Stein curing ovens as well as the incinerator have been fabricated in Spain and transported as sub-assemblies to the site. The prefabricated technology features easy installation and shorter erection times. Pre-installed parts included, among others, all lining, internal moving parts, blowing ducts as well as driving systems. The challenging logistics of the project, just to name a few – handling of the equipment manufactured at several workshops and transportation of oversized parts – have been successfully implemented on time.

The project is executed by a Fives’ subsidiary in Spain, specializing in a wide range of equipment for steel coated products.