Reheating furnaces for rebar and section steel products

Stein Reheating WBF for SteelAsia

Philippines’ SteelAsia Manufacturing Corp. (SteelAsia), one the world’s largest rebar manufacturing companies, renewed its confidence in Fives to supply the second reheating furnace.

SteelAsia’s subsidiary, High Street Manufacturing Inc., entrusted Fives to supply a walking beam furnace, Stein Reheating WBF, to produce rebar and section steel products for its Batangas site in the Philippines.  

The contract covers design, manufacture, supply and on-site supervision of a new walking beam furnace with 100 tons per hour capacity. The Stein Reheating WBF implies proportional combustion technology to reheat steel products. The furnace is scheduled to be put into operation in March 2018.

The first contract with SteelAsia was signed in March 2016 and included design and supply of a pusher furnace, Stein Reheating PF, for the Meycauayan Works in the Philippines.

SteelAsia plans to double its annual rebar production capacity from the existing 2 million tons over the next years.