Seizing opportunities: Fives at Severstal's forum of ideas

Fives at the “Idea forum” of Severstal

Fives was invited to participate at the “Idea forum” organized by one of the leading Russian steelmakers, Severstal, in Cherepovets, Russia on September 14, 2018.

The forum gathered over 80 participants, consisting of experts from Severstal’s technical and development center, engineering companies, as well as artificial intelligence developers to brainstorm different ideas and solutions to increase productivity and reduce costs for flat steel production. 

Fives presented its new digital concept of the smart line, an automated system for real-time quality tracking from upstream to downstream. 

Philippe Rocabois, a steel expert from Fives, underlined that the output material quality depends on quality input control. By predicting product properties, the physical and statistical models allow an optimization of each process area, while the master model arbitrates between each process for best overall results and gives feedback instructions. 

The smart line concept enables enhanced productivity and quality, and ensures quantifiable financial benefits for steelmakers.