Stainless steel rolling mills commissioned at Beibu Gulf, China

Fives and Beihai Chengde Ferronickel Stainless Steel Co., a subsidiary of China’s Chengde Group, successfully commissioned three rolling mills for stainless steel production at the company’s facility in Beibu Gulf.

Beihai Fives-FIVES

The contract to design and supply 20-Hi rolling mills was entrusted to Fives in 2013. The first coil was rolled in December 2014, making 6,200 rolled coils to date, of which 40% low nickel stainless steel 200 series grade and 60% stainless steel 300 series grade. The project had a very tight schedule; it only took 6 months from the first rolled coil to achieve nominal production capacity. 

The final acceptance act was signed in November 2015 for all three rolling mills. Beihai Chengde Ferronickel Stainless Steel Co. issued a letter of satisfaction to Fives, appreciating teams’ efforts for a qualified performance.

Fives has been specializing in design and supply of cold rolling mills worldwide since the 1950s, having its design office and manufacturing plant in Seclin, France.