Technology benchmarking

Tech Day: LIBERTY Steel and Fives

Fives, an industrial engineering group, presented its latest advanced technologies at the Tech Day, hosted by LIBERTY Steel Group, a global steel and mining company.

On October 21, 2020, LIBERTY Steel organized a professional day on hot dip galvanizing process to initiate internal technical discussions between different European plants: LIBERTY Magona (Italy), LIBERTY Liege-Dudelange (Belgium and Luxembourg), LIBERTY Galati (Romania) and LIBERTY Skopje (Macedonia).

Fives’ specialists were invited to introduce their technologies and digital solutions on efficient heating to reduce energy consumption and NOx emissions, as well as skin-pass rolling. Presentations and actual case studies included:

  • Direct firing furnace with a flameless combustion system
  • High efficiency AdvanTek radiant tube burners
  • Skin-pass control models
  • Mechanical properties evaluation using skin-pass data in real time
  • SmartLine, fully automatic line control based on predictive modeling
  • EverRoll technology for mill roll coating

Vital questions were asked about flameless heating technology, radiant tube burners, skin-pass elongation modelling and human involvement for the Smartline system. Both sides expressed an interest in a continuing dialogue between experts on technology development and benchmarking.