Ultimate performance furnaces for Galvanizing Technology Symposium

Fives presented its galvanizing furnaces at the Galvanizing Technology Symposium held on January 16-17, 2018 at Tata Steel Ijmuiden, Netherlands.

Fives FlashCooling® technology for galvanizing lines

The symposium, organized by Tata Steel Ijmuiden as part of jubilee events to mark its 100th anniversary, hosted speakers from academia and the steel industry to provide a global outlook at galvanizing technologies, market development and future evolution.

Fives showcased its latest developments in the field of galvanizing lines, with a focus on efficiency and optimum product quality. Fives' furnaces are equipped with the latest AdvanTek® combustion systems and feature FlashCooling® technology to reduce consumption and improve the quality of the final products. Stein Digiflex®, a Fives’ furnace for galvanizing and annealing lines, has been specifically designed to achieve targeted mechanical properties to produce a wide range of high-strength steel grades, with reduced operational costs and emissions. The Stein Digiflex® furnace was awarded the Fives’ Engineered Sustainability® brand for its eco-design features.

Tata Steel Ijmuiden proudly emphasized that “Dutch steel” is synonymous with superior quality steel, equally Fives’ furnaces provide ultimate performance.