Value-added services

DMS 20Hi cold rolling mills

Aiming to add value to their final products and maximize profit, the steelmakers place orders for revamping and engineering services. 

Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corp. (WISCO), one of the super-giant iron and steel complexes in China, entrusted Fives with revamping services of two silicon steel rolling mills. The project aims to reorient the production into high-permeability electrical steels (HiB) designated for manufacturing of electrical motors and transformers with better electromagnetic performance. The revamping work will allow for unrivalled results of both thickness and flatness of the steel strip, which are the key factors in reaching the HiB quality.

ArcelorMittal awarded Fives with several engineering service projects. The first one earmarks for a strip quality improvement of the existing continuous hot-dip galvanizing line at ArcelorMittal Galati plant in Romania. The modernization work includes modifications of the existing furnace and cooling tower to be able to process new thermal cycles and reach appropriate coil coating quality. The furnace will be equipped with Fives’ new compact jet coolers, and the cooling tower with AERIS® cooling units.

The second order was placed by China’s Valin ArcelorMittal Automotive Steel Co., Ltd. (VAMA), a joint enterprise of ArcelorMittal and Hunan Valin Iron & Steel. Fives will provide engineering services to optimize the performance of its continuous mixed annealing and aluminizing line and reduce time required to switch from continuous annealing operation mode into hot-dip AlSi coating mode, which is used for production of automotive and appliances steels. 

Earlier, ArcelorMittal Etxebarri (Spain) entrusted Fives with a project to increase the cooling capacity of its existing continuous annealing line in order to produce new products with enhanced mechanical properties and improved elongation characteristics. The modification consists of supplying innovative Fives’ FlashCooling® technology to reach a faster cooling rate by using rich hydrogen content.