Innovative equipment & solutions

Technological leadership

Ability to devise solutions that meet state-of-the-art requirements

Active development

With its flexible, responsive and highly-skilled teams, Fives can meet the requirements of emerging players on the steel market. It develops tailor-made solutions by listening to its customers. 

High value-added equipment

For several decades, Fives has been gaining experience in designing steel production equipment. Today, this experience translates into a technological edge in select equipment and services, for example:

  • Burners: burners designed by Fives significantly reduce Nox emissions 
  • Metal rolling: Fives has developed a 20-roll mill that can process steel strips at a record speed of 1200 m/minute
  • Metallurgical expertise: the teams from KEODS have given Fives a vast wealth of knowledge on metal to help steelmakers obtain the quality they want to achieve, even for certification in the automotive industry
  • Metal forming: Fives can design and supply the largest range of tube & pipe mills available on the international market, for tubes diameter 4.75 to 686mm.

Increasingly efficient plants

Fives offers its customers state-of-the-art technology because it is part of the everyday changes in the equipment segment.  

This process expertise has led it to develop end-to-end solutions, for example automation systems that optimize line operations. Fives also designs solutions and equipment that help reduce the overall environmental impact of the steel manufacturing process.  

Stein Digit@l Furnace-PROPRE2-FIVES

With Engineered Sustainability®, the Fives Group has committed to providing the most energy efficient and environmentally conscious equipment and processes. This eco-design program has helped showcase the benefits of the Stein Digit@l Furnace® AT 2.0 with burners that operate at 100% capacity and emit 10-20% less Nox. The furnace's flexibility and efficiency also help it reduce consumption by 5%.