Integrator capacity


A solid reliable group as a partner

Extensive experience in managing large projects

High-performance equipment for optimized production

Whether Fives is supplying equipment, building a complete line or providing services, it works hand-in-hand with the world's largest steel companies to help them bring their projects to life. Collaborating with Fives means choosing:

  • High-performance and reliable solutions and equipment
  • Support from the minute the project begins to find the best solution for the customer's target requirement (type of steel, grade, production constraints, etc.) and great flexibility to meet customer specifications
  • A trusted partner throughout every stage of the project, from design to production, and during the life of the equipment after it goes on line
  • A commitment to a well-run project in terms of quality, costs and lead times

As a consortium leader, Fives has acquired project management experience partnering with all the subcontractors and simplifying communications for the customer. 

Fives considers safety on the project site a top priority. The Group has written Health and Safety guidelines that cover both its own sites and working conditions for its employees on customer sites during equipment assembly, startup and maintenance operations.