Technical consulting

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With his dedicated team of experts, Fives offers a specific assistance corresponding to customers' needs. In parallel to the metallurgical expertise, our team has developed dedicated tools EyeronTM and AbSISTM  to manage quality and provide surface inspection system assistance.

Basic Technical Assistance

  • New line ramp up assistance with set-up adjustments for the entire product mix
  • Optimization of basic steel grades (mild, IF, BH, HSLA...) production
  • Theoretical and practical training in product and process
  • Laboratory upgrade for specific products characterization

High Level Metallurgical Assistance

  • Support to get correct adjustments in process and metallurgy for exposed panels
  • Development of AHSS and UHSS (DP, TRIP, FB, Boron steel…)
  • Expertise in all types of coatings (GI, GA, ZM, AZ, AS) to answer customer requirements
  • Assistance in obtaining carmaker approvals
  • Coaching in customer technical support (methodology, claims management, etc).
  • Troubleshooting assistance using methodological approach
  • Quality management to improve quality yields

Premium Assistance

  • Up-to-date automotive steel market analysis to have a strong strategy in the competitive market.
  • Product development and deviation control from R&D to production.
  • Business organization for an optimal quality management

Automated surface inspection system assistance

The advantage of surface inspection system assistance is an automatic detection and classification of real defects in addition to the evaluation how critical they are. Our service includes: 

Calibration of the surface inspection system

Detection and classification of real defects

Evaluation to carmakers' requirements

Quality management software tools

AbSISTM software allows for a surface defect to be tracked from upstream to downstream and a surface inspection system to be tuned well. 

EyeronTM, a web application that regroups all data from different process lines, offers a clear visualization, fast analysis and treatments on all the data, as well as smart qualification (dispositioning) through customized rules.