CELES induction reheating

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Hybrid solution: reheat furnace with inductors

Fives’ solution for long products incorporates a Stein reheat furnace with CELES high-flux inductors for sizable cost & energy savings and improved product quality.

Fives has developed a new hybrid solution combining a gas-fired Stein reheating furnace and a high-flux CELES CELINE inductor. This unique concept enables the billet to be reheated quickly even while the furnace is operated at a lower temperature thanks to the installation of a high-flux inductor at the furnace discharge outlet. Maintenance requirements are minimal due to the absence of refractory and an adequate thermal and mechanical protection.

The reheating inductor ensures the billet is heated at a continuous temperature and reduces skid marks, thus improving production quality.

The lower operating temperature of the furnace also offers the following benefits:

  • Reduction of maintenance costs, i.e. extended lifetime of refractory and unloading rolls
  • Reduction of scale formation, as the residence time at high temperature is drastically diminished
  • Minimized NOx emissions

CELES CELINE high-flux inductor

Induction reheating provides very rapid heating and allows heat to be generated inside the object itself.

Fives’ high-flux magnetic induction technology, CELES CELINE, incorporates high-intensity magnetic fields generated by multilayer coiling. The power is injected into the product at a rate of up to 4 – 6 MW/m2, which is six times greater than the capability of conventional inductors. It enables a perfect heating control over the temperature range.

CELES CELINE is compatible with all steel grades as well as copper, aluminum and silver. It has a very compact footprint and can easily be integrated into existing lines. Common applications comprise:

  • Reheated billets for pressing, stamping, forging, or hot rolling 
  • Reheated pipes or rails for continuous heat treatment

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