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Optimization: consulting services

Fives’ consulting services focus on evaluating and enhancing plant performance, reliability and safety. 

Personalized consulting services to reach performance excellence

Our specialists will perform an audit of your plant, processes or equipment depending on your needs. Fives is able to provide solutions within a strategy defined in a collaborative way. We can also commit to concrete improvements with a performance contract.

Optimization: consulting services
  • Benefit from Fives strong knowledge of technological process
  • Increase process speed and a product quality level
  • Decrease operation and maintenance costs
  • Improve production yield ratio
Dedicated teams of experienced engineers

Consulting expertise

  • Dedicated teams of experienced engineers with strong knowledge of metallurgical process and production management
  • Integrated solutions for strip processing lines, mechanical and thermal equipment
  • Vast range of reference equipment installed worldwide 
  • International network of experts for better reactivity
Consulting: quality, cost reduction & high production

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