On-site assistance

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On-site assistance

Fives' on-site assistance teams are working closely with you to reach the best performance of your equipment.

On-site assistance experts dedicated to your daily performance

Early detection of problems allows to prioritize maintenance needs and gives an opportunity to schedule repair works within planned shutdowns, saving your money and reducing downtime.

Operation: on-site assistance
  • Predict maintenance shutdown & reduce downtime
  • Increase equipment lifetime
  • Improve product’s quality
  • Reduce environmental footprint & save energy

Mechanical process assistance

  • Quality tracking analysis
  • Mill inspection by laser tracking
  • Roll alignment
  • Pass line adjustment
  • Gear box inspection
  • Anti-rust treatment

Thermal process assistance

  • Combustion system control and adjustment
  • Cooling equipment setting
  • Refractory and insulation equipment inspection
  • Automation and level 2 parameters resetting
On-site mechanical assistance
On-site thermal assistance

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