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Optimization: training services

Training is the key towards motivating staff to operate and maintain equipment at ultimate performance in a safe environment.

Improving team performance through training and experience sharing

We have designed our training programs with the highest requirement level to tackle all types of challenges that you may face all over the lifecycle of your operations.

Optimization: training
  • Gain hands-on experience and enhance your team’s technical skills
  • Improve efficiency and performance through greater operational knowledge
  • Optimize productivity and minimize downtime with proactive diagnosis
  • Boost employees development and motivation
Metallurgical process training

Training modules

  • Metallurgy process: steel transformation phenomena
  • Strip rolling: flatness, thickness, quality
  • Thermal process: heat transfer knowledge and optimization process
  • Combustion: process expertise and understanding of physical phenomenon


Enhance management performance with best practices to follow your strategy and implement a continuous improvement plan.


Get a broad overview and key elements for understanding of steel manufacturing process or extending know-how in a specific area.


Get basic or advanced knowledge for operating or maintaining key equipment in the steel manufacturing process.

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