Upgrade & Modernization

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Upgrade and modernization services

With ever-changing market conditions and a high level of competitiveness, upgrade and modernization services are able to bring your equipment to the next level.

Tailor-made upgrade and modernization services

As an experienced equipment designer, Fives provides you with latest technologies to adapt your equipment to your evolving needs.

Evolution: upgrade & modernization
  • Latest advanced technologies for strip processing lines, mechanical and thermal processes
  • One partner for complete project implementation
  • R&D programs and solutions to reduce costs and increase production efficiency
  • Internal network of experts and international sourcing

A range of services:

  • Heating section capacity increase with AdvanTek® burners
  • Cooling concept to improve strip stability
  • Advanced pickling solutions, degreasing sections
  • Entry/exit sections, accumulator conversion for higher capacity
  • Side trimmer integration
  • Wiping, flatness control, filtration improvements (DMS 20Hi mills)
  • Skin-pass mills: mark free mandrel, roll & strip cleaning
  • Scale breakers, levelling units
  • Thermal solution software tools
Cooling concept to improve strip stability
Advanced degreasing solutions

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