Why us?

At Fives, the Steel business line provides process expertise and operational support to optimize performance (costs and product quality), and develops breakthrough technologies to meet the new needs and applications of the steel market, in particular high value-added steel grades.


Fives' range of conventional & digital reheating furnaces

With more than 145 years of expertise in thermal applications, Fives designs & supplies a range of conventional & digital reheating furnaces and induction solutions.

NeoKoil® strip processing lines for carbon, stainless and silicon steels

Fives offers NeoKoil® strip processing lines to produce carbon steel (automotive, construction, home appliances, etc.), as well as stainless and silicon steel grades.

Fives' heat treatment furnaces

Fives' heat treatment furnaces account for high efficiency and low cost production. Fives also designs and supplies Bronx long product straightening machines.

DMS 20Hi cold rolling mills

Fives’ range of DMS 20Hi cold rolling mills for stainless and silicon steels features advanced improvements for higher efficiency and quality.

Fives' range of digital technologies

Fives has developed a range of digital technologies to improve process efficiency and product quality, eliminate equipment failure and improve environmental and operational safety.

Fives' range of services

In terms of service, Fives' commitment is to fully assist and proactively help its clients to maximize the performance of their industrial installations during operation. 

“We don’t just talk about it, we do it!”

Guillaume Mehlman
President of Fives’ Steel & Glass

NeoKoil®, strip processing line

Fives’ at Thermprocess 2019

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