Fives, the historical world-leader in reheating furnaces

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State-of-the-art equipment with best technologies

Fives' expertise in reheating furnaces design covers all aspects of the steel processing including, process systems, eco-efficiency, and performance:

  • Mechanical equipment is simplified to facilitate easier maintenance
  • Equipped with AdvanTek® Burners this successful proprietary equipment allows flame length adjustment to be fully decoupled from the burner power control resulting in optimize heating
  • AdvanTek® Burners versatility is demonstrated by its capability to use all types of fuel available on the steel plant and can operate in dual fuel mode mixing 2 fuels directly within the burner diffusers
  • Thanks to our Level 2 optimization system a wide range of control software based on mathematical algorithm, fuzzy logic, etc...

Fives is the historical world-leader in furnaces for the steel industry

It has developed the concept of Digital Control in the 1990's.

The first industrial application was in 1995 for the conversion to on-off firing of an existing furnace, originally having proportional control. The first fully Stein Digit@l Furnace® in the world was conceived in 1999 and went into service in 2000, in the USA.

In the last ten years, Fives has sold 60 reheating furnaces with Digit@l Furnace® technology (35 for slab reheating process and 25 for the reheating of long products). This overwhelming success demonstrates that the Stein Digit@l Furnace® range, and in particular the new generation Stein Digit@l Furnace® AT 2.0, is the best value for your money available on the market, when taking into account initial investment, operating costs, scale loss and product quality.

The Stein Digit@l Furnace® AT 2.0, the lowest OPEX reheating furnace, has received the Fives Engineered Sustainability® label:

  • An accredited brand for Fives best-in-class products in terms of environmental performance
  • A process for systematically reviewing impacts and continuously improving our products while efficiently communicating benefits to the market.

Thanks to its efficiency and low consumption, the Stein Digit@l Furnace® is now a standard on the market and is a dramatic step forward in steel production. Major steel players in the world, such as voestalpine Stahl, ATI Allegheny Ludlum, Handan, USIMINAS, OMK, Colakoglu, Isdemir... and many others are now equipped with the Stein Digit@l Furnace® from Fives.

Range of reheating furnaces

Furnace RangeRangeApplication
Walking beam furnaceStein Digit@l Furnace®, with Stein Digit@l Furnace® AT 2.0, ultra low Nox on/off control furnace
Stein Reheating WBF
  • High quality (automotive)
  • High production rate (hot strip mill and plate mill)
  • High temperature process
  • All type of semi-finished products : Slab / Bloom / Billet
Walking hearth furnacesStein Reheating WHF
  •  Common quality
  • Low production (only) rate for flat product
  • Long product (most of the time) for high and low production rate
  • Medium temperature process
  • All type of semi-finished products : Slab / Bloom / Billet
Pusher furnaces

Stein Reheating PF

  • Low quality
  • Low production rate
  • All type of semi-finished products : Slab / Bloom / Billet

Roller hearth furnaces

Stein Heatreat RollHF

  • Lower heating capacity, holding temperature and heat treatment of the product only
  • Plate / Strip / Thin slab for Continuous Strip Plant / Long product

Rotary hearth & Notch furnaces

Stein Heatreat RtHF
Stein Rototherm
  • Lower heating capacity and heat treatment of the product
  • Tube Plant

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