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Color coating ovens-FIVES


Fives curing blow-FIVES

Fives designs and supplies Stein Curing ovens and cooling systems to process high quality strip coating for different applications: automotive, construction, home appliances and white goods. The strip coating solution applies to any type of steel: carbon, silicon, stainless, aluminum and zinc. The scope of supply includes a wide range of Stein Curing coating ovens with different types of heating (gas, induction, direct, indirect) and adapted cooling systems (air, water cooler, cooling rolls). Fume treatment solutions are provided to eliminate volatile organic compounds and recover energy via recuperative and/or regenerative thermal oxidizers with direct or indirect re-injection air systems.

Range of Stein Curing ovens

Stein Curing furnacesCGL (in-line color coating section) and CCL (steel, aluminum and zinc)
Stein Curing
Blow 1.0
CCL (steel, aluminum and zinc) and CGL (in-line color coating section)
Stein Curing
Induction 1.0
CCL (steel) and CGL (in-line color coating section) with a recuperative thermal oxidizer
Stein Curing
Induction 2.0
CCL (steel) and CGL (in-line color coating section) with a regenerative thermal oxidizer

Main benefits:

  • 100% painted product
  • High versatility and flexibility
  • Multiple color changes within the same coil
  • Steady operation in the process section
  • Reduced CAPEX & OPEX
Color coating oven layout-FIVES

Case studies

An European steelmaker has chosen Fives to design and supply two combined lines with 400,000 tons of pre-painted steel production per year. It was the first production facility in the world to produce a multitude of color-coated products. The lines were equipped with painting sections, inductors and gas heating ovens designed by Fives. The customer was able to steadily produce 100% color-coated products in extremely short times for express delivery. Later, the plant contracted Fives to supply pre & post-treatment and primer & finish sections for those combined lines. 

In 2011, Fives installed a complete color-coated section into an existing galvanizing line in Spain.

The section is composed of a first treatment section to allow pre-treatment for color coated products or post treatment for galvanized products, and two coating sections for primer and finish coating applications, all in vertical arrangement.

In addition, it was the first combined line in the world with a regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) to treat solvents, an atmosphere separating device by preheated air injection and a bypass system, both patented by Fives to ensure correct operation and avoid any fumes and solvent deposits inside inductors and ducts.

The line was equipped with CELES induction heating system, which allowed:

  • Shorter curing time, hence a high line speed
  • Quick response time, hence a maximum flexibility
  • Instantaneous adjustment of the curing kinetics to suit each type of coating together with  maximum output

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