Efficient wiping with a new generation system

DMS Wiper SCP 3.0

In order to enhance the performance of rolling mills, Fives has developed the 3rd generation of the wiping system: DMS Wiper SCP 3.0.

This advanced system optimizes the rolling performance and increases the overall mill productivity as rolling can be guaranteed at higher speed and maintenance downtime can be significantly reduced. 

The DMS Wiper features the latest advances in rolling technologies: it achieves 2B finish as well as ultimate BA quality (bright annealed mirror-like surface) thanks to its specific mark-free design. 

The DMS Wiper can operate at very high speed, up to 1200 m/min, and has improved wiping efficiency in comparison to the conventional fleece-roll technology. The technology enables to achieve enhanced de-oiling: it reduces the oil consumption and the environmental impact due to the very low amount of oil remaining on the strip before degreasing.

The fast wiping roll cassette replacement in less than 10 minutes enables easy operation and lower maintenance. Lifetime of back up bearings has been increased 10 times compared to the previous wiper generation.

The latest references include installations at the steel makers’ facilities in Vietnam, Turkey, China and Europe.