Fives develops a radical new design for skin-pass mills

DMS SkinPass mill

For high quality finishing, a skin-pass mill is essential to remove the yield-point elongation effect and greatly improve the strip-surface roughness and flatness.

Aiming for its customers to lower capital investments, Fives has developed a radical new design for such high precision machinery. The new DMS SkinPass 4Hi mill can process steel sheets up to 1600 mm width at the speed of 300 m/min with a maximum roll force of 5500 kN. The design has been optimized to minimize operational costs while obtaining the best performance.

Fives has been specializing in the design and supply of skin-pass mills under the brand of DMS over 60 years. A complete range of DMS SkinPass mills is available for different applications. DMS SkinPass 2Hi mills are designed for stainless steel production applications that require a high level of brightness, while DMS SkinPass 4Hi and 6Hi mills are suitable for a wide variety of galvanized or continuous annealed steel products from very low to very high strengths.