Fives' eco-design presentation at the Indian steel industry conference

Fives participated at the conference “Survival Strategies & Cost Effective Technologies for Indian Steel Industry” organized by Steel & Metallurgy magazine on April 27, 2016 in Kolkata, India.

Fives at Survival Strategies Conference in India

The conference, aiming at cost efficient solutions and domestic steel market competitiveness, gathered more than 90 delegates from different companies.

During the conference, Fives made a presentation on eco-design features to be applied to strip processing lines. "Environmental performance has always been a priority number one for Fives. The group has developed its own eco-design program and the brand Engineered Sustainability® which is awarded to the best-in-class product in terms of environmental performance," says Raja Chowdhury, Vice President of Fives Stein India Projects, during the conference.

Stein Digiflex® furnace, a vertical furnace for galvanizing and annealing lines, was awarded the Fives’ Engineered Sustainability® brand for its eco-design features, allowing for energy saving, NOx reduction and ultimate product quality.