Fives’ modeling tool for thermal cycle optimization and energy savings

Stein furnace for strip processing lines

Fives is developing an extensive modeling tool that allows optimization of the thermal cycle for furnaces and decreases energy consumption.

The software tool models the steel evolution (microstructure) and determines the optimized thermal cycle for a particular steel grade.  The first step of the project allows the soaking part of a furnace to be modeled.

The modelling tool is originated from Fives’ real world experience designing and commissioning processing line furnaces for continuous galvanizing and annealing lines. Calculations are based on physical understanding of the steel process rather than copying and empirical extrapolations of existing line performance. This tool is the perfect complement for furnace design to optimize the thermal cycle according to a specific product mix thus reducing energy consumption and providing unparalleled engineering confidence. 

The modeling tool project was one of the ideas submitted to the 2016 Fives Innovation Awards. The Innovation Awards reward the most outstanding innovations every year. Since 2011, Fives has been organizing the Innovation Awards to mark pioneering technologies that meet the performance requirements of industrial companies in a broad range of sectors.

Fives provides specialized services on process expertise, technical consulting, metallurgical assistance, upstream and downstream client support, especially after acquiring KEODS in 2013, a well-known process expert in the market.