Galvanizing and coating technologies to add value to steel producers

Fives presentation at SEAISI 2018

Fives, as an active player on the Asian steel market, sponsored SEAISI 2018 conference & exhibition held on June 25-28, 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia and made a presentation on galvanizing and coating line technologies.

The conference, which was held in Jakarta, Indonesia on 25 – 28 June 2018, focused on the next transformative leap in the ASEAN steel industry and the role of Industry 4.0. Gathering together key industry players from ASEAN and around the world, the conference also provided a premium opportunity to discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by market demands and new technologies.

It was with this in mind that Olivier Grosse, Senior Sales Manager in Fives’ Steel business line, introduced the NeoKoil® galvanizing & organic coating line. ‘For steelmakers wishing to optimize their market reach from home appliances to automotive steel grades, galvanizing & organic coating line technologies could be a perfect fit to process steel for a variety of end users,’ he said.

The NeoKoil® galvanizing & organic coating line developed by Fives represents a combination of galvanizing and painting sections in one line. This enables steelmakers to substantially reduce capital and operational costs, as well as to increase quality and safety by avoiding coil handling and treatment between galvanizing process and painting. The production cycle is shortened and final products have more added value.

The combined line is designed for the production of different steel grades from full hard (HRC) and commercial quality CQ (CRC), to various high strength steel and coatings such as regular spangle, minispangle, 55%AlZn galvalume, 5%AlZn galfan, ZnMgAl aluminized products, AlSi, etc.