Intelligent qualification for stainless steel

Fives signs contract with AS Terni

Acciai Speciali Terni, an integrated cycle stainless steel manufacturer, has entrusted Fives, an industrial engineering group, with a quality qualification project of its flat production facility in Terni, Italy. The project is an essential part of the digital technology improvement plan, prioritized by AS Terni.

Fives has proposed a digital solution - Eyeron™, a real-time quality qualification system that automatically captures and analyses data from different steel processes to give operators a clear view of product quality. 

Bringing together data from the laboratory, steel making, surface inspection, production orders and quality claims, Eyeron™ replaces the need for separate software tools and allows smartly to track any quality issues: 

  • Control automatically the quality of each coil in real time
  • Recommend coil reassignment based on the end-customer quality target
  • Predict occurrence of surface defects according to specific process conditions on upstream lines

“We, Acciai Speciali Terni, decided to opt for the Eyeron™ system due to its fully automatic features of product qualification and ability to adapt to our complex operational needs. We appreciate its flexibility to interconnect our databases into a single platform and implied advantages,” says Antonio Iaia, Innovation Manager at Acciai Speciali Terni. “Eyeron™ will allow us to extract useful information from an automatic visual inspection system to control more precisely product and process quality and take thoughtful decisions. It will help us to reduce considerably downgraded and scrap coils and decrease a time-consuming process to track production quality issues.”

In 2018, Eyeron™ was successfully installed in the steel shop, the hot rolling mill 2000 and the plate rolling shop N2 of Severstal, a leading Russian steelmaker. It also received an award as a breakthrough digital solution at the French-Russian forum “Industry of the Future” in 2019.