Line Tension Management, a new proprietary software tool aiming to improve the performance of strip processing lines

Line Tension Management (LTMTM), a proprietary software developed by Fives, provides a precise analysis of strip transportation aiming to improve the performance of strip processing lines. The software, based on mathematical models and experience feedback, makes a very accurate simulation of all physical phenomena involved in the strip processing line, such as strip bending, strip and roll inertia, and centrifugal effect in high-speed lines.

Line Tension Management software from Fives

LTMTM tool serves to size a line at the project design stage and facilitate start-up and operations, especially during ramp-up phases. The system was successfully used during design and commissioning of several projects:

  • White rolling, annealing and pickling lines (WRAP) with 600,000 tons each annual capacity for TISCO facility in Taiyuan, China. 
  • Hot annealing and pickling line “Jumbo” (12 mm thickness x 2100 mm strip width, production: 200 tons per hour) installed at the same plant of TISCO. 
  • Combined (hot and cold) annealing and pickling line (130 tons per hour of stainless steel) for Zhenshi Group Eastern Special Steel Co in Jiaxing, China. 
  • High speed continuous annealing lines (1000 m/min speed) for major Chinese producers of carbon steel. 

LTMTM tool can assist for efficient commissioning of new processing lines and validation of new products treatment within existing lines, such as a strip thickness increase, new grades, etc. The software tool allows for immediate visualization of the line operating conditions; it anticipates condition modifications and provides an easy analysis of dysfunctions.  

Fives also provides training courses on strip transportation physics for steelmakers worldwide.