Model predictive control: Fives presents at Galvanizers Association

Fives at Galvanizers Association Meeting

The Galvanizers Association Meeting is an annual forum to promote topics to advance the quality of galvanized products industry wide. This year, the meeting took place on October 6 - 9, 2019 in Charleston, South Carolina, USA and was sponsored by several companies, including Fives as a platinum sponsor.

Cédric Perottet, Process Engineer at Fives Stein, a Fives’ subsidiary, conducted a presentation on model predictive control.  He addressed how comprehensive dynamic models of furnaces are used in continuous galvanizing lines, and how model predictive control can enhance strip temperature regulation.  

In continuous galvanizing lines, the strip annealing temperature is a major significant physical parameter in the annealing process; and it is used as the main indicator for product qualification. Today, the annealing furnaces are most often regulated by proportional integral derivative controllers or with the help of static based models – which does not provide optimal control during transitions. Fives has developed comprehensive dynamic models to use them in model predictive control for annealing furnaces.  

“Model predictive control helps reacting in advance of a process change and provides better strip quality, as well as, enhanced plant productivity which make a further step towards smart manufacturing”, concluded Cédric Perottet.