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Fives' service team

Furnace revamping

Lusosider Aços Planos S.A, a Portuguese subsidiary of the major steel maker in Brazil CSN, contracted Fives for a furnace revamping.  Due to the improved market conditions, Lusosider, which produces flat steel products, has aimed to increase production of its continuous galvanizing line (CGL). Fives will implement a major revamping of the horizontal furnace which was supplied earlier to the plant. The modification, including an installation of an additional jet cooling unit in the cooling area, will remove the existing bottleneck. The revamping project is expected to increase the CGL productivity by 10% and should be completed in December 2016. 

Digital solution

Fives was awarded a breakthrough furnace level 2 automation system for a US steel maker. The existing automation system operating at the slab reheating furnace is to be replaced by Virtuo®, a new digital system developed by Fives to optimize furnace’s performance and guarantee product quality. The upgrade project will allow the customer to increase the final rolled material quality, reduce yield loss, and significantly reduce gas consumption and scale formation. The Virtuo® system has been developed as an optimized solution for reheating furnaces, strip processing lines and associated services.

Burner tuning

Several steel producers in the USA, Turkey and Western Europe entrusted Fives to tune their furnace burners. A regular burner tuning significantly reduces gas consumption and optimizes burner life, while at the same time reducing maintenance operations and providing safe operating conditions. The burner tuning service offers improved operating costs for a very justified investment.  

Fives has been providing specialized services including on-site assistance, repairs, consulting, remote monitoring, upgrade, feasibility studies, contract performance, etc. The group also offers different training programs, such as, the recent extensive training held in the USA for process line operators and maintenance staff to upskill on combustion and thermal expertise, burner tuning and instrument calibration.