Strategic development workshop in Russia

Fives horizontal furnace at NLMK

Fives, an international engineering group, and NLMK, a leading global steel company, held a strategic development workshop on January 18, 2017 in Lipetsk, Russia.

NLMK, an integrated manufacturer of diversified steel products in Russia, North America, Europe and India, has invited its strategic partners to hold upstream and downstream workshops to map its development strategy for 2018-2023.

Since the 1980s, Fives has been a long-term partner of NLMK. In particular, in the process of construction of an electrical NGO steel workshop, Fives designed and delivered thermal equipment for normalization, annealing and coating lines, coil preheating furnaces for hot-rolled coil preparation lines, normalization and pickling lines, and a mill 1400. During the construction of continuous galvanizing lines (CGL №2 and CGL №4), the group designed and supplied thermal equipment. Recently, consultancy services have been rendered to NLMK Europe Strip.

Fives NLMK session-FIVES

During the strategic development workshop, Fives focused on its thermal, induction and mechanical technologies for the production of ultra-high strength steels. Over the last 15 years, Fives has been awarded 51 new strip processing lines and vertical furnaces, mostly dedicated to the production of high-end steel plates worldwide. 

Fives specialists underlined that the implementation of new technologies and know-how can lead to an operational cost decrease, a global target of all the steelmakers worldwide.